Nothing can compare to attending an official Conscious Discipline event! The connections you make, the information you learn and the changes you experience at a live event are truly transformational!

It revolutionizes the classroom approach to social-emotional learning by addressing the adult’s skill set and internal states first, and then empowering the adult to teach and model these skills with children.

Both research studies and individual testimonials show that Conscious Discipline simply works for transforming social-emotional skills, school climate, academics and home/school connections. Stop struggling with behaviors and standards, and start finding the joy in teaching again!

What’s new:

  • Activities and assessments
  • Updated brain information
  • Updated skills and strategies
  • New sections addressing MTSS
  • Organized around safety, connection and problem solving for ease of application
  • Chapter summaries and implementation checklists

Auburn supports providing quality training for its teachers and staff surrounding the use of available technology within the district.

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La segreteria didattica del Polo di Ricerca e Studi Universitario ERSAF di Cerignola osserverà un periodo di chiusura dal:

01/08/2022 al 21/08/2022

N.B. per problemi inerenti il vostro percorso accademico con l'università Telematica eCampus vi preghiamo di visualizzare le nostre F.A.Q. nel caso la soluzione non sia presente nelle risposte della predetta, vi chiediamo di scrivere a o chiamare lo 031.79421

Auguriamo a tutti i nostri studenti buone vacanze!!!